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 William  October 14, 2004  3 Comments on Responsibility

Today, responsibility was the theme for postings on two different blogs that I read on a semi-regular basis. The first posting was on La Shawn Barber’s Place and addressed a woman’s personal responsibility for her sexual activity exposing her to…

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What Is Deterrence And Why Should I Care?

 William  October 8, 2004

Deterrence – 1. The act or a means of deterring. 2. Measures taken by a state or an alliance of states to prevent hostile action by another state or group. That is the plain vanilla definition, but I suggest you…

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Debating The Debate

 William  October 1, 2004  2 Comments on Debating The Debate

I rarely write directly on political matters. It is not that I do not have opinions, I do, and a Presidential debate is something I would enjoy engaging, but today my thoughts are on the funeral of a young friend…

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Never Forgotten

 William  September 12, 2004  1 Comment on Never Forgotten

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the storage of information, especially now in our era of things like the web and Google, is like a person who never forgets. For most of us who write regularly, that…

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GateKeepers, Gutenberg, And The New Media

 William  August 26, 2004

There is a war breaking out all over our culture. It is not between Islamists and defenders of the West though that war is real. It is not between Democrats and Republicans though sadly that war appears to be real…

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Indicting The Democrats

 William  August 25, 2004

Matt Wretchard of the Belmont Club, one of the most, if not the most, insightful blogs analyzing military issues and other insights related to the War on Terror, yesterday wrote one of the most stinging indictments of the Democratic Party…

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Ben Stein And Me

 William  August 25, 2004  3 Comments on Ben Stein And Me

Ben Stein is three years older than I am, but the circles in which he has run are light years from mine. He is a writer and actor who visits with Samuel L. Jackson and Warren Beatty and I once…

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All Sail, No Anchor

 William  August 20, 2004  6 Comments on All Sail, No Anchor

I read George Will only sporadically, but I did catch his Wednesday article on Ignoring History In Iraq in the Washington Post. (Note: the link requires registration and will only work for two weeks or so when it will go…

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Unintended Consequences

 William  August 19, 2004

Reuters has published a story (see Yahoo News) on the anti-depressant Prozac being found in drinking water. The last sentence of the article noted, “Prescription of anti-depressants has surged in Britain. In the decade up to 2001, overall prescriptions of…

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Serendipitous Find

 William  August 13, 2004

One of my favorite things about the Internet, in which the blogosphere lives and moves and has its being, is serendipitously finding a really good insight or a person who seems to get to the heart of the matter. I…

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