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Christian Carnival XXX: OK God, Now What?

 William  August 11, 2004  7 Comments on Christian Carnival XXX: OK God, Now What?

I had originally hoped to get this out by 6 A.M. EDT, but I underestimated the amount of work involved. Kudos to all who have done this ahead of me and I offer my prayers for those coming behind. Most…

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The Terror Web

 William  August 4, 2004

There is an article on terrorism in the New Yorker online that everyone needs to read. It is factual, direct, and extremely sobering. Hugh Hewitt has a discussion of the article.

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Christian Carnival XXIX Submission

 William  August 2, 2004

It is time to submit your posts. Digitus, Finger, and Co. will host the Christian Carnival for the first time this Wednesday. If you have a blog, this is a great way to to expose yourself to new readers. Please…

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Verbal Manipulation

 William  August 1, 2004  3 Comments on Verbal Manipulation

All of the statements, then the spin and counter spin on those declarations, during the Democratic National Convention have been weighing heavily on me this week. Determining who and what to believe is not an easy task. Then in our…

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 William  July 27, 2004

Life is composed of gatekeepers. Both physically and socially there are gatekeepers in all the important areas of life. From the basic to the complex, they protect us, sometimes limit us, but they are always there. From a personal perspective…

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