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The Princess Bride

 William  July 15, 2004

My wife and daughter’s favorite movie is The Princess Bride. Over at Minas Tirith, Bill Lueg says that “Every life situation can be summed up in some quote from the movie. My friend Mark and I have tried to find…

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Blogging Degree

 William  July 13, 2004

Well, as I approach a month of regular blogging I decided to put in for my honorary Blogging Degree. After all, it always helps to get officially recognized. The diploma has arrived.

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Memory and Being Christian

 William  July 13, 2004  2 Comments on Memory and Being Christian

A recent movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, examined the nature of love and memory and how, as the most recent memories that had destroyed their relationship disappeared, Joel Barish (Jim Carrey), now having only the earlier, better memories,…

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 William  July 12, 2004  2 Comments on Beginnings

A new workweek begins. Mondays always refresh me. It is a chance to start anew, to catch up to those expectations whispering in the back of your mind, “Shouldn’t you…” While I have been a technical writer for almost fourteen…

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Bible Study Nutrition

 William  July 5, 2004  2 Comments on Bible Study Nutrition

With all the concern these days about diet, about carbs and protein and what is or is not good for you to eat, there are lessons we can learn from our diet that carry far beyond its effects on our…

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Thank You Lord For What We Have…

 William  July 4, 2004

Maybe its because I am an optimist, or maybe its because I enjoyed the parade and fireworks yesterday and church today. For whatever reason, I am thankful for what we have in this country. That includes our religious freedom. I…

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Parades, Fireworks, and Small Towns

 William  July 3, 2004

I live in a small community on the outskirts of Baltimore by the name of Catonsville. It is a relatively old (almost 200 years), stable little burg that possesses a small town feel, despite the fact that it butts up…

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A Night at the Movies

 William  July 3, 2004

It’s been a good night. I just finished seeing my Baltimore Orioles beat the Philadelphia Phillies in sixteen innings after seeing Spiderman 2 at the movies with my wife and daughter. It has been a late night but an enjoyable…

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Only One Key

 William  July 2, 2004  5 Comments on Only One Key

Late one night I was going through a collection of stuff that needed to be sorted into discard and keep piles. I came across a box filled with old keys. There was no way to know to what locks they…

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Fresh Chances and Boomerangs

 William  July 1, 2004  1 Comment on Fresh Chances and Boomerangs

There is a term for parents whose children (in our case child) have moved out. They are called Empty Nesters. Now as those children face one or more difficulties, some of them are moving back in with their parents. These…

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