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Thoughts For A New Year

 William  January 2, 2008  0 Comments on Thoughts For A New Year

The New Year is the traditional time for making resolutions, to commit ourselves to change for the better in some area of our lives. While most of these efforts produce little if any fruit, I whole heartedly endorse the exercise,…

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Loss of equilibrium

 William  December 29, 2007  0 Comments on Loss of equilibrium

For years my wife has suffered from an irregular but recurring condition in her inner ear where she would lose her equilibrium. She gets nauseous and finds even sitting up difficult. It usually passed with the aid of a little…

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Thank You, God

 William  November 22, 2007  0 Comments on Thank You, God

Norman Rockwell had a way of capturing fundamental Americana. In this painting we see the traditional image of thanksgiving in America: mother bringing the platter of plenty to the dinner table. Today, I want to give thanks and I pray…

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Important Aphorisms

 William  November 14, 2007  0 Comments on Important Aphorisms

Aphorisms: A tersely phrased statement of a truth or opinion; an adage. ( Aphorisms are golden nuggets. They are short, compressed wisdom that has been born out over time and experience. I collect them. Here are a few I recently…

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Veteran’s Day

 William  November 12, 2007  2 Comments on Veteran’s Day

It is November 11, Veteran's Day in the United State, a day when we remember all those who are serving and have served in the armed forces of the United States (Memorial Day is when we specifically remember those who…

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Sage Advice on Writing

 William  August 7, 2007  2 Comments on Sage Advice on Writing

In my company website (, I said the following: “Writing is getting started, which is half the battle. The other half is getting finished, which means editing, rewriting, more editing and more rewriting.” William Meisheid Now FAITHMAPS BLOG has a…

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 William  August 1, 2007  2 Comments on Demands

I was once told by a clergyman, with whom I was having a discussion, that my mere presence was a demand. He did not like my “look” either, since it also was a demanding look. That was a revelation to…

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Another Action Hero Quiz

 William  July 31, 2007

“What Action Hero would you be” is the question, and the little boy in me responds and answers the questions. It turns out that I would be either William Wallace or Neo. Not succumbing to the temptation to be a…

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A Weekend of Wonders

 William  May 30, 2007  0 Comments on A Weekend of Wonders

Due to several converging items, our weekend stretched into five days, beginning Thursday with our daughter’s graduation from college and culminating Monday with a picnic celebrating our thirtieth (30) wedding anniversary. In between there was a lot of work, dental…

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Real Vs. Synthetic

 William  May 15, 2007  1 Comment on Real Vs. Synthetic

Many people suffer from synthetic attitudes. This state of mind can come from living in a dichotomy between the image you feel obliged to present to the world and what is your true sense of self. It is like the…

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