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A World Without God

 wgmeisheid  August 5, 2023  0 Comments on A World Without God

I found a response I had made three years ago to the same-named article on Front Page magazine ( I felt it was worth reposting (minor copyediting). You forget one important thing. For a rational code of ethics and virtue…

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Logos Rising

 wgmeisheid  December 18, 2021  0 Comments on Logos Rising

I surreptitiously stumbled across an author and a book that has become a nexus point in my spiritual life. The author is Dr. E. Michael Jones and the book is Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality. What I could…

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Who Are You Really?

 wgmeisheid  July 2, 2021  1 Comment on Who Are You Really?

Liberty – If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. Truth – In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.  George Orwell said…

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Knowing God Outside of Jesus

 William  November 30, 2009  2 Comments on Knowing God Outside of Jesus

What are the limits for knowing God outside of Jesus Christ?

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Truth and Love

 William  June 7, 2008  2 Comments on Truth and Love

Without truth, love is license Without love, truth is arrogance With truth and love, the journey begins

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The Rule of Law

 William  January 31, 2008  1 Comment on The Rule of Law

The rule of law under God (how this country was founded) means we have absolutes to guide, correct, and administrate our legal system. Some things are inalienable. The rule of law under man (where this country is being taken) means…

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Also Sprach (Thus Spoke) Zarathustra

 William  December 27, 2007  0 Comments on Also Sprach (Thus Spoke) Zarathustra

That was the title that the German philospher, Friedrich Nietzsche used for his paean to the imagined next evolution of man, the Übermensch or superman/overman. For Nietzsche, God was dead, Christianity was an abomination, and the future belonged to those…

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Enemies or Former Allies?

 William  October 10, 2007  0 Comments on Enemies or Former Allies?

Some people are irreverent to the end, even in the face of impending judgment. “This is no time to make new enemies.” Voltaire, when asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan. I wonder if he ever considered whether Satan was…

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Real Vs. Synthetic

 William  May 15, 2007  1 Comment on Real Vs. Synthetic

Many people suffer from synthetic attitudes. This state of mind can come from living in a dichotomy between the image you feel obliged to present to the world and what is your true sense of self. It is like the…

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 William  May 7, 2007  1 Comment on Geeks

Do you know a geek? Are you yourself a geek? The common image of geeks is of an intelligent and technically competent, though socially backward, often serious backward, individual. I been thinking about geeks and I think I have hit…

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