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Enemies or Former Allies?

 William  October 10, 2007  0 Comments on Enemies or Former Allies?

Some people are irreverent to the end, even in the face of impending judgment. “This is no time to make new enemies.” Voltaire, when asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan. I wonder if he ever considered whether Satan was…

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Real Vs. Synthetic

 William  May 15, 2007  1 Comment on Real Vs. Synthetic

Many people suffer from synthetic attitudes. This state of mind can come from living in a dichotomy between the image you feel obliged to present to the world and what is your true sense of self. It is like the…

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 William  May 7, 2007  1 Comment on Geeks

Do you know a geek? Are you yourself a geek? The common image of geeks is of an intelligent and technically competent, though socially backward, often serious backward, individual. I been thinking about geeks and I think I have hit…

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Human Endeavors, Human Folly

 William  October 23, 2006  0 Comments on Human Endeavors, Human Folly

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans” Old Proverb. God is probably laughing at those who are the subject of this post. However, God’s laughter or lack thereof will not be a consideration among a growing…

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A Priories: How We Build On The Sure Foundation

 William  October 6, 2006  1 Comment on A Priories: How We Build On The Sure Foundation

A priories are the foundation of what comes later. They are the starting point of your argument. They are not formed from evidence or facts, but are choices. They form the foundation on how evidence and facts are interpreted. In…

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The Problem Of Evil

 William  October 2, 2006  0 Comments on The Problem Of Evil

There are those who believe that all religions of any consequence are an attempt to deal with the problem of evil and it is that problem that perplexes even the rationalists. I disagree. If we really lived in the sterile,…

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The Inclusivity of Hell

 William  October 1, 2006  0 Comments on The Inclusivity of Hell

One of the blogs I visit every so often (if you read my history I was Episcopal for 27 years), is the Midwest Conservative Journal, an ongoing critique of all things Episcopal. In a recent post, Christopher Johnson talked about…

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Templates of Understanding

 William  September 29, 2006  0 Comments on Templates of Understanding

For all practical purposes, everything has a starting point. In searching for beginnings, we are ultimately led to one of two premises: God or not God. Many in our age argue that science naturally leads to not God, and if…

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The World in Which We Think

 William  August 26, 2006  0 Comments on The World in Which We Think

While we often like to tell ourselves that we are in control of our lives, we are the arbiters of what we think and do, there are many intersecting areas of influence on our lives, which affect every aspect of…

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Fractured Fridays: Scientific Creation

 William  January 13, 2006  3 Comments on Fractured Fridays: Scientific Creation

Things have been so serious around here the past few weeks—job interviews will tend to do that to you—that I thought it was time for a little levity and craziness. With all of the contention going on between “science” and…

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