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The Postmodern Democratic Debacle

 William  September 22, 2004

Are Democrats the party mired in the death knell of postmodern-driven politics? Neil Uchitel thinks so. He examines this topic in Kerry, The Democrats, and Postmodernism in Politics. I think this idea of Democrats as a postmodern political failure is…

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So Many Things: Part I

 William  September 6, 2004  2 Comments on So Many Things: Part I

It has been an eventful week and weekend. The Republican convention with its fireworks, the Russian school hostage standoff and tragedy, and hurricane Frances all have made their mark. Each of these events affected me and my family in different…

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The Meaning Of Things

 William  August 31, 2004

With the Republican Convention on television, all over the blogosphere, talk radio, and most newspapers for the next three days, I am being bombarded with words, spoken and written, in speeches and commentaries, in arguments and counter arguments, from everyone…

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Pruning The Vine

 William  August 29, 2004  1 Comment on Pruning The Vine

You cannot be successful in effectively allocating your limited time if you are not willing to prune the vine of demands that are continually made on your life. As limited beings there is only so much we can do and…

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Compulsion And Virtue

 William  August 18, 2004  2 Comments on Compulsion And Virtue

What really makes the historic American dream and the nature of the country and society it has nurtured different from the goals of Islam and the nature of the countries and societies it has spawned? This is an important issue…

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Paradigms And Biblical Exegesis

 William  August 16, 2004

You should never read something that starts your intellectual juices after midnight; it will probably prevent you from getting very much sleep as the thoughts race back and forth across your mental topography, pushing sleep further and further from its…

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The War On Terror: A Perspective From Faith

 William  August 10, 2004

If you are a Christian who believes in the Great Commission and takes your faith seriously, then you should be aware of the recent argument made by the author of Belmont Club, Matt Wretchard (he calls himself Wretchard The Cat),…

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 William  August 8, 2004  4 Comments on Happiness

Sunday usually gets me thinking about abstract things, such as what I have been thinking about today, happiness. John Steward Mill in arguing for a Utilitarian ethic said that the highest normative principal was Actions are right in proportion as…

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 William  August 6, 2004

Fridays. The world in which we live views Friday with its own acronym, TGIF (Thank God [or goodness] its Friday), since the general view is that work is something we can’t wait to get away from so we can be…

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 William  August 4, 2004  1 Comment on Habits

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle was on to something there. I think I now understand those relentless drills we did in Catholic school to learn things like the common…

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