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Time, Value Judgments, and Our Chosen Path

 William  July 25, 2004

Whether we realize it or not, we make value judgments on the various aspects and activities of our life by the time we dedicate to them. There is an old aphorism that says, “Put your money where your mouth is”…

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Sisyphus And Religious Faith

 William  July 21, 2004  3 Comments on Sisyphus And Religious Faith

As I labor to work myself out of the current economic hole that my own decisions along with the economy has gotten me into, I reflected on the motivation for my hard work. After contemplating my condition for a while I come smack up against Sisyphus and the Apostle Paul. Interesting juxtaposition you say. Let me explain.

The root of the Sisyphean myth is punishment for not conforming to the will of the gods. Because of his offenses and his equally problematic disdaining of the gods, Sisyphus was given an unspeakable penalty in which the whole of his being was exerted toward accomplishing nothing; he was condemned to roll a massive rock up a hill in the underworld only to have it roll back down forcing him to start over. Both his toil and existence had no ultimate meaning. I have, after long years of arguing with myself decided that all those who pursue materialism and unbelief are like Sisyphus, toiling and striving to no meaning.

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Crossing The Divide

 William  July 20, 2004

This thing we call the Internet and its evolving subset, Weblogging (blogging), can create pathways of interaction undreamed of only a few years ago. I make my living as a technical writer and I was writing hypertext information systems in…

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Small Things

 William  July 20, 2004  2 Comments on Small Things

Most relationships in life are sustained by small things. While we often focus on the big things, the grandiose statements of significant caring, it is the little acts of kindness and self giving that build the foundation and solidify the…

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Conspiracy Theories

 William  July 16, 2004

Conspiracy theories. They are all the vogue these days, especially when it concerns the Bush family, which Michael Moore believes has been conspiring to take over America. Aliens and UFOs are big these days also, especially on the Sci-Fi channel,…

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Science and God

 William  July 7, 2004

The Probability of God, the book by Stephen D. Unwin, has resulted in a flurry of articles, both pro and con, on the utility of his argument. For examples of pro (Evangelical Outpost: Wagering a Life: Part 1 – Urwin…

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Only One Key

 William  July 2, 2004  5 Comments on Only One Key

Late one night I was going through a collection of stuff that needed to be sorted into discard and keep piles. I came across a box filled with old keys. There was no way to know to what locks they…

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Change vs. Personal Stereotyping

 William  June 30, 2004

One of the fundamental axioms of Christianity is that people can change. When a person becomes a Christian they begin a process of becoming something new. This truth was expressed by Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians (5:17):…

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Slowly I Turned…

 William  June 29, 2004  8 Comments on Slowly I Turned…

I have been rereading some of my earlier writings and today I came across an article I wrote for a church newsletter last year, entitled “Fast or Slow” and it got me to thinking about how things have changed, even…

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Burden of Proof

 William  June 17, 2004

I was reading an article on Kuperian (neocavlinist) political principals by Joe Carter and his discussion of ontological personhood struck a chord which I think is significant when you approach areas like capital punishment. Joe stated that “we belong not…

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