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The Bambi Effect

 William  October 13, 2008  0 Comments on The Bambi Effect

We regularly get deer in our back yard, sometimes as many as 10-12. Tonight we had both a red fox and several deer. Before I could get my camera together the fox had exited stage right, so I decided to…

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Lent 2008: Day 28 – Death Comes Unexpectedly

 William  March 6, 2008  0 Comments on Lent 2008: Day 28 – Death Comes Unexpectedly

When I got home from work tonight, my wife told me there was a deer laying in a hallow near the old tree stump on the edge of the stream that flows through our back yard. Being a photographer I…

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Remembering That I Enjoy Photography

 William  September 7, 2007  0 Comments on Remembering That I Enjoy Photography

Last weekend I spent some time doing photography. Saturday three of us went out to do some railroad related shots. Sunday, my wife and caught my first train. Monday, I found out I can actually capture butterflies and bumble bees….

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Taking My Wife Shooting Tonight

 William  August 29, 2007  1 Comment on Taking My Wife Shooting Tonight

My wife and I are going shooting tonight with our daughter and some friends. It is good to keep up your feel for your weapon, and be gun safe, so I like my wife to shoot our .40 cal Beretta…

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Dear God

 William  July 12, 2007  0 Comments on Dear God

Last night, we had an itinerant evangelist, who is a friend of our pastor, visit our church. His name is David Brett and his form of evangelism is story telling. He made, what for me was an insightful statement about…

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A Community 4th of July

 William  July 7, 2007  2 Comments on A Community 4th of July

I live near a small community on the edge of a big city (Catonsville – Baltimore). Catonsville has had a 4th of July celebration (parade and fireworks) for the last 61 years. I have begun to photograph the parade, to…

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 William  September 5, 2006  3 Comments on Self-Portrait

One of my regular readers (when I write regularly ;-)), Jan Mckenzie, asked in a comment to the previous post (Tools) if I would include a self-portrait. He must have realized that the request would result in more than just…

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 William  August 29, 2006  1 Comment on Tools

Since I decided once again to get involved in photography, especially weddings and portraits, I have been outfitting myself for the task. I tried to be diligent and research everything as well as I could, to minimize bad purchases, and…

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The Unity of Truth

 William  August 22, 2006  1 Comment on The Unity of Truth

Arthur Holmes, a former philosophy professor at Wheaton College, wrote a beautiful little book titled All Truth is God’s Truth. In it, he argued what Paul argues in Romans 1 and 2 and John puts forth in the first chapter…

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Pursuing Dreams

 William  August 18, 2006  1 Comment on Pursuing Dreams

There have been two major dreams in my life. Early on I wanted to be writer, especially a writer of novels and it appears that if I can keep on course I will finish my first novel, Beginnings, the first…

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