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My photography (mostly)

GigaPxl Project’s Gigapixel Camera

Some of you know of my interest in photography and a few of you know that I used to be a photographer who ran a photography store/portrait studio for a few years. Recently my interest in digital photography was amplified by the common availability of 6+ megapixel cameras for reasonable prices. That is the minimum…

The Eye Of God

You may have previously seen this picture of the Helix Nebula, which has been called the Eye of God. It is a composite done by the Hubble in 2002. I now use it for my desktop. If you want the larger version for your desktop, click here then click on the image to see the…

Trees On Fire

The evening’s setting sun made the trees out back look as if they were on fire. I was a bit late in getting the shot I wanted but you can imagine what it looked like a few minutes earlier. Update: I decided to add a second picture from a bit up the street.

Lent: Day Thirty-five

Today is the last Monday in my Lenten observance. My wife and daughter went out to explore Death Valley after visiting Hoover dam yesterday and I have finished my conference presentation. I can now relax a little. Death Valley and the surrounding desert is not its usual arid self this year. There has been so…

Snowy Morn

It snowed one night last week and then in the morning, the sun came out and cast its magic on the collected crystals across the street from my house. By the way, my neighbor keeps llamas in that fenced in area.

My Digimind’s Eye

My sweet wife graciously got me a digital camera for Christmas (early bird present). It has been years since I have engaged in any meaningful photography, an avocation that once defined me to most people who knew me. Reasonably priced digital cameras have finally gotten good enough to consider using them for real photography (not…