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Lent 2021 Day 20 – God Knows What He’s About

 wgmeisheid  March 10, 2021  0 Comments on Lent 2021 Day 20 – God Knows What He’s About

I was reading a posting today about a famous flamboyant homosexual who has abandoned the “gay” life and embraced his Christianity. In the comments someone posted a link to an anonymous poem about how God goes after the ones he…

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Is God Saying This to You?

 wgmeisheid  March 31, 2011  0 Comments on Is God Saying This to You?

A Sunday thought I would like to pass on – Is God saying this to you? I AM I am the light in the center of your soul I am the joy seeking to make you whole I am the peace you heartfully…

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The Good Shepherd

 William  June 1, 2008  0 Comments on The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd From fear of the wolf and the lion, The Good Shepherd frees. Into pastures of joy and plenty, The Good Shepherd leads. From the pain of loneliness, The Good Shepherd consoles. Into everlasting love and joy, The…

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Poetry: Girls and Boys

 William  March 10, 2007  0 Comments on Poetry: Girls and Boys

One of the blogs I visit, Rebecca Writes, had a post on children’s poetry and I left a quick little poem in the comments. I decided to edit it a bit and post it here. Girls and Boys Girls are…

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Poetry: Choices

 William  August 15, 2005  2 Comments on Poetry: Choices

Life is composed of choices. As a Christian, I make every attempt to submit any choics of consequence to prayerful consideration (e.g. not things like which sandwich to have for lunch). This poem came out of a time of many…

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Poetry: The Question

 William  July 3, 2005

I get regular hits on several of my poems, with many of those people going to the poetry category and looking at my other efforts. I just realized that one of my efforts was not included within my poetry category…

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Potty Training Poetry

 William  May 5, 2005  3 Comments on Potty Training Poetry

I stumbled across a potty training discourse (thank you, I think, Rebecca) and discovered they even have potty training poetry. That inspired me, sorta. Emancipation Proclamation ©2005 William Meisheid Potty, potty my little child. Away from me have you guiled…

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God Knows What He’s About

 William  April 3, 2005  2 Comments on God Knows What He’s About

This is an anonymous poem that speaks to the sovereignty of God. Offered for your Sunday meditation. When God wants to drill a man, and thrill a man, and skill a man; When God wants to mold a man, to…

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Love And Death

 William  March 16, 2005

Sometimes, while reading something I get inspired and if I seize the moment a poem appears, for the well touched by an a sudden insight can run deep and long and should not be untested. I was looking at the…

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Poetry: A Life in the Key of Lost

 William  February 23, 2005  3 Comments on Poetry: A Life in the Key of Lost

I borrowed the title from an article at such small hands on the death of Hunter S. Tompson, a man who did it his way to the very end. Her article title is just one magnificent tag line. It inspired…

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