Category: Poetry

What Do We See?

 William  December 9, 2004  1 Comment on What Do We See?

This is a poem inspired by the many faces we seem to posses, depending on who and how is looking at us. What Do We See? Looking in the mirror what do I see? The best, the noblest, the good…

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Poem: Missing You

 William  November 25, 2004  2 Comments on Poem: Missing You

I once thought of trying to write for Hallmark. You know, the verses on the inside of the cards you buy. Much of what I have written as poetry over the years has been informal and in direct response to…

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A Grief Observed

 William  October 8, 2004

A friend, someone who I had mentored in the early to mid-90’s, recently died. In many ways it was a tragic death. After a long wait to find the right woman and then a long engagement, he finally married his…

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