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The Path of Destruction

 William  August 13, 2007  0 Comments on The Path of Destruction

Thomas Jefferson wrote, in a letter to John Adams, the following statement: Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without…

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Come Out of Her, a Reprise

 William  August 6, 2007  1 Comment on Come Out of Her, a Reprise

Two weeks ago I wrote a post, Come Out of Her, in which I wondered on the meaning and demand requirements of the verse in Revelation that makes the demand to “come out of her.” As God so often does…

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Hypocrisy: Private Acceptance, Public Censure

 William  July 29, 2007  0 Comments on Hypocrisy: Private Acceptance, Public Censure

The openly homosexual Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire has flung down a gauntlet at the Church of England. The Bishop of New Hampshire in the US, the Right Rev Gene Robinson, who is divorced and lives openly in partnership with…

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Progressives Or Regressives

 William  June 27, 2007  0 Comments on Progressives Or Regressives

In ancient times the Roman Emperor was the parent to all his subjects. He looked out for their welfare, administered the empire on their behalf. He solved the problems they could not. He protected them from enemies foreign and domestic,…

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History and Reflection

 William  November 10, 2006  2 Comments on History and Reflection

My degree is in Ancient History. You could legitimately call me an historian, especially since I tend to view things using the tools of history. Historians depend on reflection from a distance, seeing things from a wider angle, not getting…

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Changes, They Are A-Comin’

 William  November 7, 2006  2 Comments on Changes, They Are A-Comin’

The people have spoken and we are a house divided, nationally at least. Here in Maryland, we are once again completely Democrat. As a nation we have sown the winds of change, what whirlwinds will follow is the question. One…

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Trust In Dangerous Places

 William  October 17, 2005  3 Comments on Trust In Dangerous Places

I don’t often write on political issues, but sometimes I come across something that puts a current affair into such clarity that I say, “Well that changes how I see that.” That happened to me today as I read the…

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The Beginning Of The End?

 William  September 13, 2005  2 Comments on The Beginning Of The End?

As if Europe didn’t already have a growth problem, statistics show that the number of Europeans on the continent is shrinking, making the influx of nonEuropeans even more significant, Germans are now saying they don’t want to have children. Almost…

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Widows Mite

 William  September 12, 2005

Remembering Jesus’ praise of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43) I offer for your consideration this news item on Iraqi soldiers contributing to hurricane Katrina relief. Hat tip to Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal.

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Thoughts On Katrina

 William  September 2, 2005  3 Comments on Thoughts On Katrina

The events are devastating, dwarfing not only those who survived the initial storm but overwhelming everyone who had the responsibility of dealing with the aftermath and responding to problems. The situation is unprecedented. However, because of that, ready platitudes and…

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