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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

 William  March 17, 2006

They say that everyone is Irish, at least in their hearts, on Saint Patricks Day. I am one quarter Irish, through my maternal grandmother, May. I never met her, but the last thing my grandfather ever said as he was…

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Undercurrent Of Prophetic Expectation?

 William  February 19, 2006  2 Comments on Undercurrent Of Prophetic Expectation?

Is there an undercurrent of prophetic expectation out there awaiting an imminent move of God, a new awakening, a world-wide awakening? I have been hearing rumors, soft expectations, and now open discussions of the possibility. Is anyone else hearing anything…

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Theological Thursday: Knowing God: The Adequacy Of God: Part III

 William  September 30, 2005  0 Comments on Theological Thursday: Knowing God: The Adequacy Of God: Part III

As we wind down this study after a long journey through two introductions and twenty-two chapters, we come to the end of Packer’s argument, what he has been building toward since we took the first steps along our journey as…

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Christian Definition Of Racism

 William  September 14, 2005  0 Comments on Christian Definition Of Racism

One of the problems with highly charged pejoratives like racism is that their definitions are so hazy. This looseness is a double-edged sword. First, it makes it difficult to defend yourself when you are charged with it, since the fluidity…

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The Church In America The World

 William  September 14, 2005  0 Comments on The Church In America The World

It is argued that in the West we now live in a post-Christian age (e.g. see here, here, and here) I accept that as true if you consider post-Christian as the loss of Christian centrality in a once Christian culture…

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 William  August 20, 2005  2 Comments on Postmodernism

Sometimes it is important to add your voice to a subject. Your unique view might give valuable insight that touches on points that others do not. Sometimes you write about something because it helps you to clarify your own thinking….

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 William  August 14, 2005  0 Comments on Aboutness

When atheists and secular humanists dismiss Christianity, they are dismissing more than religion. They are dismissing a cogent moral system, along with the system of rights that system bestows upon us all. Lest we forget, our inalienable rights, which form…

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Islam Has Ordered Us… Part II

 William  August 3, 2005  0 Comments on Islam Has Ordered Us… Part II

I never expected the original posting to have a Part II. However, in interacting with those who have responded to the first post I stumbled across a September 29, 2004 article from FrontPage Magazine titled John Quincy Adams Knew Jihad…

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Islam Has Ordered Us…

 William  August 1, 2005  4 Comments on Islam Has Ordered Us…

“Islam has ordered us to terrorize our enemies and whoever denies that is an infidel himself.” So says the Algerian Salafist Group for Prayer and Combat (GSPC) which is a known North African Al-Qaida affiliate group as it applauded the…

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Scopes Trial Eightieth Anniversary

 William  July 21, 2005  0 Comments on Scopes Trial Eightieth Anniversary

Most young people, unless they have seen the 1960 movie Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy and Fredrick March, have no inkling of the 1925 trial in Tennessee that became known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. It pitted two of…

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