Category: Religion

Conspiracy Theories

 William  July 16, 2004

Conspiracy theories. They are all the vogue these days, especially when it concerns the Bush family, which Michael Moore believes has been conspiring to take over America. Aliens and UFOs are big these days also, especially on the Sci-Fi channel,…

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Christian Carnival XXVI

 William  July 12, 2004

Christian Carnival XXVI will be held at From the Anchor Hold and published this coming Wednesday. If you have a blog, this is a great way to get read, and possibly pick up readers in the process, or just a…

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A Freedom of Religion Brief

 William  July 9, 2004

I couldn’t sleep one night and as things go when laying quietly in the dark my mind went on one of those Beagle-type wanderings where it rushed down all sorts of rabbit trails until finally it latched on one scent…

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Science and God

 William  July 7, 2004

The Probability of God, the book by Stephen D. Unwin, has resulted in a flurry of articles, both pro and con, on the utility of his argument. For examples of pro (Evangelical Outpost: Wagering a Life: Part 1 – Urwin…

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