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Solar Storms

 wgmeisheid  April 28, 2023  0 Comments on Solar Storms

You may have noticed a lot of press lately about solar storms and auroras seen in the deep south. Auroras are normally seen only in upper latitudes. In North America that includes northern Canada and Alaska. However, this week they…

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The Inevitable Corruption of Science

 William  March 7, 2010  0 Comments on The Inevitable Corruption of Science

Some things are inevitable. History teaches us that everything created by mankind, whether physical, philosophical, sociological, or theological eventually falls apart, either through natural processes wearing on it, or outright corruption. Science is no different. It does not exist in…

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Knowing God Outside of Jesus

 William  November 30, 2009  2 Comments on Knowing God Outside of Jesus

What are the limits for knowing God outside of Jesus Christ?

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Human Endeavors, Human Folly

 William  October 23, 2006  0 Comments on Human Endeavors, Human Folly

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans” Old Proverb. God is probably laughing at those who are the subject of this post. However, God’s laughter or lack thereof will not be a consideration among a growing…

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The Problem Of Evil

 William  October 2, 2006  0 Comments on The Problem Of Evil

There are those who believe that all religions of any consequence are an attempt to deal with the problem of evil and it is that problem that perplexes even the rationalists. I disagree. If we really lived in the sterile,…

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Templates of Understanding

 William  September 29, 2006  0 Comments on Templates of Understanding

For all practical purposes, everything has a starting point. In searching for beginnings, we are ultimately led to one of two premises: God or not God. Many in our age argue that science naturally leads to not God, and if…

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 William  August 9, 2005

Praise God from whom all blessings flow for the safe return of the Discovery crew. We had touchdown at Andrews Air Force Base this morning at 8:11 EDT. There were visible sighs of relief from the news people (I was…

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 William  July 26, 2005

Discovery is off. At 10:39 a.m. EDT the shuttle Discovery lifted off from Launch Pad 39B on the historic Return to Flight mission STS-114. As the nomenclature shows this is the 114th Space Shuttle flight. It is also the 31st…

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Scopes Trial Eightieth Anniversary

 William  July 21, 2005  0 Comments on Scopes Trial Eightieth Anniversary

Most young people, unless they have seen the 1960 movie Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy and Fredrick March, have no inkling of the 1925 trial in Tennessee that became known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. It pitted two of…

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Don’t Confuse Me By Pointing Out My Inconsistencies

 William  February 21, 2005

In the comment section of an article that discusses, among other things, the row at Harvard over President Summers statement on why there might be more men than women in mathematics and the sciences (Belmont Club article We Shall Overcome),…

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