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Rimdims #6: Ritual Impurity

 William  October 13, 2008

Considering the lengths that radical Muslims go to “protect” their ritual purity (e.g. Ayatollah Khomeini, after the Iranian revolution, declared that all non-Muslims were impure. He said that to wash the clothes of non-Muslims (you have to touch them), to…

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What’s in a Name? Part II:

 William  August 30, 2007  3 Comments on What’s in a Name? Part II:

What you call something is significant. In a much maligned recent miniseries on CNN, God’s Warriors, Christiane Amanpour, who produced and anchored the program, said the following while discussing martyrdom: To the West, martyrdom has a really bad connotation because…

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Culture: Islam vs. Christianity

 William  August 23, 2007  3 Comments on Culture: Islam vs. Christianity

Christianity began as a subculture to the existing culture and can be see as such in many areas of the world today. It can honestly be said, despite Western Civilization’s sometimes claim to the contrary, that there is no Christian…

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History and Reflection

 William  November 10, 2006  2 Comments on History and Reflection

My degree is in Ancient History. You could legitimately call me an historian, especially since I tend to view things using the tools of history. Historians depend on reflection from a distance, seeing things from a wider angle, not getting…

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Islam Has Ordered Us… Part II

 William  August 3, 2005  0 Comments on Islam Has Ordered Us… Part II

I never expected the original posting to have a Part II. However, in interacting with those who have responded to the first post I stumbled across a September 29, 2004 article from FrontPage Magazine titled John Quincy Adams Knew Jihad…

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Islam Has Ordered Us…

 William  August 1, 2005  4 Comments on Islam Has Ordered Us…

“Islam has ordered us to terrorize our enemies and whoever denies that is an infidel himself.” So says the Algerian Salafist Group for Prayer and Combat (GSPC) which is a known North African Al-Qaida affiliate group as it applauded the…

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The Devil As A Terrorist

 William  February 14, 2005

Matt Wretchard over at Belmont Club, in an article discussing Kim Jong Il lying to Carter and Clinton about Korea’s nuclear weapon program, cut to the quick when explaining why most of the world would rather have the illusion that…

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Quintessential Volkswagon Ad

 William  January 27, 2005

Bore Me, a site that tracks what it calls “viral emails”, not to be confused with viruses but instead emails (usually touting some film clip or other) that spread from person to person, making their subject momentarily famous or popular,…

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A Clarion Call To Prayer

 William  October 26, 2004  1 Comment on A Clarion Call To Prayer

Hello! Welcome. Lend me your ear for a moment. Now that I have your attention I want to issue a sincere call to all Christians. I ask that you please pass this clarion onto everyone you know who calls Jesus…

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Nascent Democracy In The Middle East

 William  October 13, 2004

One of the strategic cornerstones and fundamental rationales of the Bush decision to invade Iraq has been the plan to plant and cultivate the seed of democracy in the heart of the Mideast. It is argued that giving democratic freedoms an opportunity to spread to the surrounding populations will effect lasting change in the Arab world. Many of those who support the war see this as our only hope of ending the Islamic terrorist threat.

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