Eschatology 1. any system of religious doctrines concerning last or final matters, as death, judgment, or an afterlife.
There is an exploding interest these days in eschatology and it is across more than just evangelical Christianity; Shia Islam is irrupting with expectation of the Mahdi, the 12th Imam, returning as the Islamic messiah.

I am going to use this page to list a number of resources that explore this issue, primarily from an evangelical charismatic Christian perspective. It will serve as a signpost for my “watchman on the wall” duties. Please explore these resources and judge for yourself their veracity. My opinion about these sites, is just that, my opinion; but it is a studied and prayerful opinion, that while it may offend some of your beliefs or life constructs, it is only meant to alert you to possibilities you may not have considered and fulfill my call to be a watchman (Ezekiel 33:1-5).

God’s Judgment using a Solar Eruption
John Little, who holds a degree in political science and a MBA, after considerable study has come to the conclusion that the Bible prophecies the destruction of our electrically-dependent society by a solar EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a massive corona discharge.

Ezekiels’ Fire is his site that explains everything you want to know about the possibility.