History and Reflection

 William  November 10, 2006  2 Comments on History and Reflection

My degree is in Ancient History. You could legitimately call me an historian, especially since I tend to view things using the tools of history. Historians depend on reflection from a distance, seeing things from a wider angle, not getting…

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New Job

 William  November 9, 2006  1 Comment on New Job

The last time I had a full-time, non contract job (January to August 2006), my blogging became intermittent at best. I start a new job, as an employee of Computer Science Corporation, on December 4th. My wife is very happy….

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Changes, They Are A-Comin’

 William  November 7, 2006  2 Comments on Changes, They Are A-Comin’

The people have spoken and we are a house divided, nationally at least. Here in Maryland, we are once again completely Democrat. As a nation we have sown the winds of change, what whirlwinds will follow is the question. One…

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Hubble Tuesdays: They’re Everywhere

 William  November 7, 2006

Various things can cause a person to see double and certain conditions can cause that number to increase. I have an old friend who always see everything double, but over the years has learned to live with the problem. Visually…

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Triumphs of the Human Spirit

 William  November 6, 2006

My wife and I watched a wonderful movie tonight, The Greatest Game Ever Played. We are both suckers for a movie about an underdog who makes good, especially when it is true story. This movie, whose climax happens in 1913,…

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True Relationships (aka Friendships)

 William  November 2, 2006  0 Comments on True Relationships (aka Friendships)

I think we need to make a distinction between utilitarian relationships and true relationships of the heart (aka friendships). Many people mistake the first for the second, sometimes with painful results. When relationships depend on circumstance, those you work with,…

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To Pew or Not to Pew

 William  November 1, 2006  2 Comments on To Pew or Not to Pew

My little church has been blessed with a coveted piece of property and the county’s permission to construct a church building on that parcel of land. We are a small, winnowed congregation, gone from around 150 ten years ago to…

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Hubble Tuesdays: New Repair Mission Approved

 William  October 31, 2006  0 Comments on Hubble Tuesdays: New Repair Mission Approved

NASA announced today that it has approved a final servicing mission to the famous Hubble orbital astronomy instrument platform. The Hubble “Telescope” is really a platform of separate astronomical instruments, which include: ACS – Advanced Camera for Surveys – The…

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Hubble Tuesdays: Echoes

 William  October 31, 2006  0 Comments on Hubble Tuesdays: Echoes

Echoes occur when a source is reflected by another object. The most common experience with echoes occurs when sound bounces off the walls of a large space such as a canyon or even the interior of a large building like…

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Agape vs Eros

 William  October 30, 2006  2 Comments on Agape vs Eros

In thinking about my last post, on the “Peter Pan” problem in the Church today, I remembered some of my earlier thinking on the difference between the types of love discussed in the Bible, and its relation to my argument….

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