Lent: Day Forty

 William  March 26, 2005  2 Comments on Lent: Day Forty

After a long journey we have reached our goal. It was a modest objective, just to blog something about my ongoing spiritual insights for each day of my Lenten observance. I began Lent with my life in a dry space…

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A Good Friday Prayer For Terri Schiavo

 William  March 25, 2005

Dear Lord, on this day when you sacrificed your life on the cross of Calvary, remember your humble servant Terri Shiavo. Lord, we place her in your loving arms, as Nicodemus placed you in the loving arms of your mother….

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Michael Shiavo, Please Never Cross My Path

 William  March 25, 2005  18 Comments on Michael Shiavo, Please Never Cross My Path

For if you do, I will punch you straight away in the face. Yes, it will probably get me arrested. Yes, it will open me up to a law suit. Yes, I will still do it, for nothing has made…

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Lent: Day Thirty-nine

 William  March 25, 2005

It is overcast and chilly, with a bit of rain now and then; in all, a fitting Good Friday. Today is the saddest, most agonizing day in the history of creation. It is the day that the Son of God…

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Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: He Shall Testify

 William  March 24, 2005

As Christians we believe that God has revealed himself to us through many vehicles, but primarily through his Word. In chapter six of Knowing God Dr. Packer addresses the third person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, who among…

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Lent: Day Thirty-eight(b)

 William  March 24, 2005

Like earlier this week, I have moved the meditation on the last seven words of Jesus to a separate posting. Having recently left the desert, the fifth phrase, “I am thirsty,” would seem an appropriate meditation, if it where not…

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Lent: Day Thirty-eight

 William  March 24, 2005

Two more days left in my Lenten observance. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is already Good Friday. I don’t feel ready for it yet, for a number of reasons. Coming back from trips is hard for me, since…

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Lent: Day Thirty-seven

 William  March 23, 2005

Today is a travel day. The conference closes and we fly home. I pray that the trip home will be easier on Sarah and Anna Marie than the trip out. They both had a difficult time. However, no matter how…

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Lent: Day Thirty-six

 William  March 22, 2005

Lots of things happening at my conference with big news relating to one the vendors I support with training and consulting, which will change my professional landscape. This news may force me to make a decision on the direction of…

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Lent: Day Thirty-five(b)

 William  March 21, 2005

I have decided to put this posting on the second of the seven last words of Jesus in its own post. I don’t think its context worked well with my discussion on the seeds of life in Death Valley. Last…

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