Lent: Day Thirty-four-S

 William  March 20, 2005

One of the things we looked forward to on this trip to Las Vegas was visiting with some old friends, Mark and Beth Fordney. They are Young Life leaders in Henderson, NV about 10 miles outside Las Vegas. They used…

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Lent: Day Thirty-four

 William  March 19, 2005

Today has been a busy day. We needed to find a laundry to clean my daughter’s clothes as her suitcase was filled with a fine black granulated material that covered everything. We have no idea where it came from or…

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Lent: Day Thirty-three

 William  March 18, 2005

Today is travel day, and it had all of its attendant last minute problems. But in the end we made it out the door and to the airport. I find regular airline seats difficult at best. I am 6’5″ and…

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

 William  March 17, 2005

Saint Patrick, patron saint of the Irish, was actually a highborn Roman Englishman who was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland when he was sixteen. Born in 387, he lived to the ripe old age (for any time not…

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Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: God Incarnate

 William  March 17, 2005  2 Comments on Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: God Incarnate

For those of you who love dealing with the hard questions and the deepest mysteries, chapter five of Knowing God addresses the greatest mystery of the Christian faith, the incarnation of God the Son, the second person of the Trinity,…

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Lent: Day Thirty-two

 William  March 17, 2005

The end of Lent is almost at hand and I look forward to the familiar events ahead. Jesus has traveled to Jerusalem. The gladhanders and backslappers cut their palm branches, but then they melted away into the background when the…

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Lent: Day Thirty-one

 William  March 16, 2005  1 Comment on Lent: Day Thirty-one

My wife has noticed that it appears that I have been withdrawing and she asked me about it. I told her it was not so much withdrawal but focus along with an escalating tenseness as I prepare for my conference…

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Love And Death

 William  March 16, 2005

Sometimes, while reading something I get inspired and if I seize the moment a poem appears, for the well touched by an a sudden insight can run deep and long and should not be untested. I was looking at the…

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Lent: Day Thirty

 William  March 15, 2005

Today has been a strange but good day. I didn’t get everything I wanted to done and I got drawn into a discussion with Jeremy Pierce of Parableman about The Moral Value of Meanings of Words. Our discussion focused down…

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Lent: Day Twenty-nine

 William  March 14, 2005  3 Comments on Lent: Day Twenty-nine

Another Monday and the next to last Monday in Lent. We have eleven days and Palm Sunday left in our observance. I have an idea for what to do for the last seven days in Lent, four of which find…

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