Lent: Day Twenty-nine

 William  March 14, 2005  3 Comments on Lent: Day Twenty-nine

Another Monday and the next to last Monday in Lent. We have eleven days and Palm Sunday left in our observance. I have an idea for what to do for the last seven days in Lent, four of which find…

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Moses Mondays: What Happened?

 William  March 14, 2005

You may have noticed that the postings for my novel on Moses stopped with chapter 14. That was all of the story that I have written, which is edited enough to be allowed to see the light of day. Hopefully…

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Lost: Which Character Are You?

 William  March 14, 2005

Jollyblogger posted two quizes to find out which character you are. I came up Locke both times. I can live with that. First Quiz You are Locke You are the Ambassador of the island. You can be a wierdo at…

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Lent: Day Twenty-eight-S

 William  March 13, 2005

Sunday: rest, recovery, prayer, and planning. Next week is Palm Sunday and we will be in Las Vega, euphemistically called “sin city” but not to be confused with the new movie by that name soon to hit the megaplexes. We…

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Lent: Day Twenty-eight

 William  March 12, 2005

Saturday’s are usually work days around our house and today is no exception. Since we are having a house sitter while we go to Las Vegas as well as having our neighbor help us out with the animals, we wanted…

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Lent: Day Twenty-seven

 William  March 11, 2005

It’s late Friday afternoon. My wife is home and the workweek is over, and the weekend has begun for the multitude of people who measure their work week from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. When I talk to my wife…

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Lent: Day Twenty-six

 William  March 10, 2005

Today has been a long day. Much of my free time was spent finishing my Knowing God lesson. You might say, why wait until the last minute to finish; can’t you do it earlier, allowing yourself to get a little…

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Interview Questions: Answered

 William  March 10, 2005

cwv warrior of Christianity Is Jewish has answered the questions I posted for her. Stop by and see what she has to say about herself. Two people down. I still have three interviews I am willing to do. So if…

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Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: The Only True God

 William  March 10, 2005  4 Comments on Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: The Only True God

This week we look at chapter four of Knowing God, J. I. Packer’s challenging study of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in whom we live and move and have our being. You can find all of the previous…

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Lent: Day Twenty-five

 William  March 9, 2005

If you read my Myers-Briggs personality profile, you will see that I think symbolically using a lot of images. With that in mind, let me share with you what happens when I sit back and think about the week. As…

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