Unintended Consequences

 William  August 19, 2004

Reuters has published a story (see Yahoo News) on the anti-depressant Prozac being found in drinking water. The last sentence of the article noted, “Prescription of anti-depressants has surged in Britain. In the decade up to 2001, overall prescriptions of…

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Conundrum #1 Life Choice

 William  August 19, 2004

Which is worse? Not being able to function by forgoing an addiction, or functioning perfectly but by doing so you shorten your life span?

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Compulsion And Virtue

 William  August 18, 2004  2 Comments on Compulsion And Virtue

What really makes the historic American dream and the nature of the country and society it has nurtured different from the goals of Islam and the nature of the countries and societies it has spawned? This is an important issue…

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Rimshots #2 “Habits”

 William  August 17, 2004  2 Comments on Rimshots #2 “Habits”

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. — Aristotle Taken from my article on Habits.

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Rimdim #1 “Reno”

 William  August 17, 2004

Reno, the comedic politico, is a self-describe 46-year-old Latina lesbian with radical political leanings. She said the following Rimdim while discussing John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban captured in Afghanistan and serving 20 years in federal prison, in a recent…

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Christian Carnival XXXI Submissions

 William  August 17, 2004  1 Comment on Christian Carnival XXXI Submissions

This week’s Christian Carnival is being hosted tomorrow at Parableman. It’s a great way to get recognition for your blog. Submit your best post from the past week , since last Tuesday at midnight, on a Christian-related theme (it can…

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Paradigms And Biblical Exegesis

 William  August 16, 2004

You should never read something that starts your intellectual juices after midnight; it will probably prevent you from getting very much sleep as the thoughts race back and forth across your mental topography, pushing sleep further and further from its…

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 William  August 15, 2004  2 Comments on Weekends

It is Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over. That has gotten me to thinking about the importance that we all seem to attach to this weekly time off from work. Our culture appears to see weekends as the…

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Rimshots #1 “Laws of Rim Citizenship”

 William  August 13, 2004

You have kept the first spiritual law of Rim Citizenship when you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do, when God goes looking for you.

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Serendipitous Find

 William  August 13, 2004

One of my favorite things about the Internet, in which the blogosphere lives and moves and has its being, is serendipitously finding a really good insight or a person who seems to get to the heart of the matter. I…

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